Online Dating Tips for Older Women

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Online Dating Tips for Older Women

Online dating as an older woman is great! Don’t let anyone tell you that datings sites and apps are only for the twenty-somethings.

There are more single men over 40 on dating sites than there are women. This means that you have the upper hand and get to take your pick.

You would be surprised at how desired older women are on dating sites. If you let yourself, dating as an older woman can be a whole lot of fun.

Need a little nudge to get in on the action? These are out online dating tips for older women.


  1. Accept that Experience is Sexy

Don’t compare yourself to that twenty-something fresh graduate that is just now starting her adult life. There is no comparison, you are not in competition.

The only thing your age means is that you have more experience and men find this very attractive. The younger men would love to learn from you and the older men are relieved to meet a woman that knows what she wants.

Whether you decide to go younger or stick to someone similar in age, your experience is a magnet. Take all the best things you have learned over the years and leave behind everything that is not worth your time.


  1. Date Younger Men

Of course, there is some truth in the stereotype of men dating a younger woman during their midlife crisis. Again, this has nothing to do with you.

These men are looking for excitement and you can find it, too. There are plenty of younger men on dating sites looking for an older woman.

It is not for everyone but dating someone younger can feel very good. It is a great kickstart to your new dating life, especially if you have been off the market for a while.


  1. Sign Up for the Bigger Dating Sites

There is a niche dating site for every type of fancy but we don’t recommend these for older women. Online dating still remains a numbers game so the more popular sites are your best bet.

Match, EHarmony and Elite Singles are the 3 biggest dating sites if you are looking for serious relationships. You can opt for Christian Mingle or JDate if you prefer faith-based dating.

It might be better to stay off the regular dating apps because their crowd tends to be very young. Unless, you are interested in lots of one-time dates with twenty-year-olds. There are also certain dating apps that cater to more of a monetary relationship. One such app is called Seeking Arrangement (you can read a full Seeking Arrangement Review here), which provides sugar dating connections to people all over the world.

  1. Take Amazing Photos

This next tip is to give yourself a confidence boost. At the same time, it shows whoever views your profile that you feel good in your own skin.

You don’t have to get professional photos done to have great photos. On the other hand, if you have the time and money for it, why not?

Whether you spend an afternoon taking photos with a friend or pay someone to do it, get it done. Fantastic photos are the first thing people notice on your dating profile, your age comes later.

  1. Send the First Message

Again, confidence is one of your greatest assets as an older woman. Show your confidence right from the start and send the first message.

Have a few lines ready for each time you match with someone. Don’t be afraid to start the conversation – men really do appreciate it.

Want to start with something cheeky? Ask them who their favorite actress over 50 is: Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Demi Moore?


  1. Ask Them Out for a Drink

This tip applies to everyone that is online dating; don’t keep messaging for too long. Too many people are too comfortable messaging back and forth without every setting up a date.

The instant messaging is a great filter system but that is not the goal. The goal is go out and physically meet new people to find out if there could be a spark.

So, give yourself a maximum of 3 days of messaging and then ask them out for a drink. Yes ladies, you should be the one to ask them out.

  1. Be a Little Picky

You often read that dating experts advise you not to be too hung up on your selection criteria. The idea behind this is so you don’t miss out on great guys over superficial characteristics.

There is some truth to this but it deserves a nuance for when older women dating online. At this stage in your life, you have probably already met quite a few men that you wish you didn’t.

Our advice is that you do let go of the superficial criteria but definitely keep high standards for the most important things: personality and values. Trust your gut on whether your personalities match or not and wait for someone that has the same values as you.



Bonus Tip:

Is online dating not for you? Or have you been on the dating sites for so long that you are tired of swiping?

It is perfectly okay to take a break from the online dating scene. After all, it is not the only way you can meet someone.

If you are feeling a little gutsy, you can try to reconnect with someone from your past. Perhaps an old flame or that guy that you never had the courage to ask out before.

Giving it a go with someone that you already know can feel a little more comfortable than online dating. You never know how different things could be after all this time.

Your age is not something to feel embarrassed about. it is something you should embrace and wear it with confidence.

Feeling good about yourself makes a huge dating when you are dating. Start there before you start swiping.

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